Monday, May 24, 2010

I am awkward

Some woman on the metro tried to talk to me today. I didn't understand her and so I went "euuuh je ne sais pas" and then looked at the floor. It was awkward though because she was still sitting directly next to me for a good twenty minutes. And I think she wanted me to move for her friend. So, I just looked like a jerk, if that was indeed what she was asking me. YES! my awkwardness never fails! Even in a different country!
These last couple days have been good. Tiring, but good.
I went with my host family to this block party at their neighbor's house. It was cool. About 30 people. First was the appetizer course, then the salads course, then the main course, then the cheese course, then the dessert. All with lots of wine. We left EARLY after about 5 hours! There was a lot of rapid french speaking that I didn't understand. I tried at first, but then, I just sat back and pretended to know what they were saying. I laughed when they laughed. I made up in my head what I thought they were saying and amused myself greatly.
The next day we went back and had a whole other meal of the leftovers. Then that night, me and two girls went out to Delirium cafe for a couple hours. More than 2000 beers to choose from. It's quite impressive. I don't know how americans do it, but somehow we found a table of americans and a couple germans and sat with them. I admit, it was nice not having to think about forming a sentence. Though one was pretty obnoxious.
Today we had a bus tour of the city. It was informational. It was also 5 hours. And we only stopped to get out like 3 times. It just informed me that I had SO much to see and made me panic about how little time I have. Plus, the bus was hella hot. And I was wearing dark jeans that soaked up all the heat. Awesome.
Tomorrow is orientation for my school. Hopefully I'll get information about my internship etc. Once I get a schedule down, I think things will get less hectic. Or maybe more.


  1. I'm sure there were a lot of funny conversations if you were making up what you thought they were saying!! Sounds like things are off to a fair start and I'm sure they'll get better once you have a routine! :)

  2. You said, "Once I get a schedule down, I think things will get less hectic. Or maybe more." A motto for life.

  3. You never cease to amuse me, even when we're not in the same country. I am VERY impressed! :P