Thursday, May 20, 2010

I. Am. Exhausted.

Good morning! I left my house in Kansas about 24 hours ago and I'm finally kind of settled into my homestay. I left Kansas City at 10:30am ish and then got to Philadelphia at 1:30. Then I had a good four hours in Philly's airport (where they do NOT have free internet, I found). I met up with a girl in my ISA group that had the same flight as me, then we boarded at 5:30pm. We got to Brussels at 7:50am, their time. It's 6 hours later here so it was 1am my time. Agh, all these times, I can't keep track. All I know is that I'm tired. The small group that arrived at the airport in the morning was shuttled to our homestays. I was last because the shuttle man did not know how to get there. I spent a good thirty minutes in the car alone with him, listening to American pop music. Weird. Driving is crazy by the way. Crazy! Just thought I'd remark on that. I finally got to my apartment building. My "family" consists of Michele, the mom, and Damienne, the daughter. Damienne is a college student and speaks relatively good english, which is kind of nice. Michele doesn't speak english. It's weird to be sitting my room, listening to the conversation in the living room and having it all be in french. I asked Damienne if she minded that I speak english to her and she said that she'd certainly like to practice so that was fine with her. But, she also said that if I don't try to speak french, I'll never learn. I'm still just not confident with my conversational skills. I suppose that will change. I am deliriously tired but I don't want to mess up my sleep cycle even more. Feeling a bit homesick but maybe that's the deliriousness. Au revoir pour maintenant!

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  1. Saw your dad today and was thrilled to know you arrived in Belgium safely! I thought every time I comment on your entries I would give you a French quote of the day. Today's is: Il y a beaucoup le twizzlers et slim jims (in my pocket)!

    Au revoir pour maintenance. . .
    Dr. Yu